Planning Beautiful Beds with the Perennial Plant Kit


I love designing gardens, but I always realize: the hardest part is and always will be the bed. It should be continuously blooming -naturally from spring to fall- wild, romantic, lush and of course useful -for bees, butterflies and insects.

We know many role models from gardening magazines and books, but when we look in our own gardens, they often don’t have much to do with those images. Instead, the plants are too big, too small, not harmonious in color, not balanced. It blooms sometimes in the upper left, then again in the lower right and most of the time somehow not at all.

My first bed was a gorgeous perennial bed with early blooming varieties – a dream in May and June, a tragedy in July. By then it looked like a sad collection of weeds that had grown too tall.

How do you actually plan a bed that works? The good news is: it’s not that hard if you know the tricks and tools used by professional garden planners. And even easier if you have them on hand.

And that’s exactly what I want to give you with our perennial kit: Simple tools that make planning beds a favorite activity. Without much previous knowledge, without studying books, I give you the means to make the right choice of varieties and to check whether the bed will work. You’ll get a feel for the right amount of perennials and avoid expensive bad buys.

A centerpiece of the perennial kit is our beautifully designed perennial cards. I have put together the most beautiful varieties for you. All you have to do is print out the 88 cards (preferably on nice photo cardstock) and plan out your favorite combination. With the planning table you can see if your selection really makes sense, i.e. your bed will bloom for a long time and is in balance. Planning paper and a shopping list make it easier to determine quantities. And if you don’t have time to plan at all, as a bonus you get two ready-made planting plans that can be scaled to almost any bed size. This makes bed planting as easy as painting by numbers!

To top it all off, here’s a detailed guide that will teach you the golden rules of bed planning and give you concrete examples of bed design.

Now is just the right time to get to work! Spring is in the wings and it won’t be long before the garden world awakens from hibernation. I’m sure: it’s going to be a wonderful gardening year and our perennial kit will help you create the most beautiful beds you’ve ever had!

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