A Garden from a Hundred Packets of Seed, James Fenton


This book has changed my perspective on gardening forever! It is one of my most important gardening books on the shelf. Only 120 pages, not a single photo, yet I even wrote a small journal article about it, because the thoughts contained seem so important to me. You can find it here.

The author James Fenton is actually an English poet and this was to remain his only gardening book. The essence of his thoughts, which he shares in this little booklet, is very simple and revolutionary at the same time.

He writes:

“Forget structure. Forget trees, shrubs, and perennials. This is not a book about huge projects. It is about thinking your way toward the essential flower garden, by the most traditional of routes: planting some seeds and seeing how they grow.”

A stunningly inspiring read and a must-have for all flower gardeners!

80 pages, English, Notting Hill Editions Ltd (2013), hardcover.

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