AMN Power Fertilizer® 500ml Concentrate


This fertilizer is amazing: It has boosted my half withered young plants and made my cosmos grow over 2,20m. I don’t believe in (plant) homeopathy, neither can it be my non-existent green thumb that the garden is literally exploding every year. It is produced using herbal substances from food, luxury food and feed production.

The manufacturer from southern Germany says dryly: ‘A liquid organic fertilizer used as organic whole food. Liquid concentrate with ingredients such as organic iron, plant extracts and plant homeopathy.’

Application range: All common plant species. Excellent for lettuce, herbs, fruits and vegetables as well as all kinds of flowers and ornamental plants. And of course cut flowers.

Contains 6.75% total nitrogen (N); 2.60% total phosphate (P2O5); 2.99% total potassium oxide (K2O); 0.13% total iron (Fe).

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Weight 680 g
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