Climate Positive Organic Sowing and Planting Soil


This soil is perfect for growing our flower seeds. It can also be used as a potting soil in combination with an organic fertiliser. The soil is peat-free and approved for organic cultivation. We have also removed water from the soil – this makes plastic-free packaging and climate-friendly shipping possible!

Furthermore, our potting soil is the first climate-positive soil! The plant carbon it contains offsets more CO2 than was produced during its production and packaging, making it climate positive!


  1. Fill the soil into a bucket
  2. Add approx. 400 ml of water per litre of soil (2 litres of water for the whole bag)
  3. Mix well with your hands and pour into the growing pots, raised bed or garden bed.

Makes 5 litres of ready-to-use soil (enough to fill our multi-pot for 60 plants) – 100% biodegradable & peat-free – can be stored for a very long time if kept dry.

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Weight 860 g
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