Jora Dahl Cultivation Kit


This growing kit contains everything you need for the successful sowing of our flower seeds. You can grow 60 plants at once! The organic, peat-free soil provides the seedlings with everything they need for a successful start in life. And once they grow, the organic liquid fertilizer will keep them blooming for months.

And that’s what’s included in the grow kit:

    1. Multi-Pot + Trivet for 60 plants made from recycled plastic
    2. BIO Sowing and Planting Soil, 5 litres
    3. AMN Power Fertilizer 500 ml Concentrate
    4. Set of Plant Labels (20 Pieces)
    5. A detailed instruction (also for beginners;)

Nothing stands in the way of a lush flowering garden for months!

Delivery Time: 3-5 days

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Weight 2500 g
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