Ranunculus ‘Violet’


The flowers of this variety shine in an intense fuchsia-purple. Nevertheless, they are always elegant, especially in combination with apricot shades. Varieties of the Amandine series have larger blooms, are generally more heat-tolerant, and flower a little later in the season.

French ranunculus are particularly elegant varieties that can otherwise only be found at the florist. Fresh from the garden, they last an incredibly long time in the vase, are robust and very easy to care for. They only need a little protection from frost, but are more frost tolerant than dahlias.

Height: 30-45 cm
Series: Amandine
Planting time: in spring after the last frost or earlier with some frost protection
Flowering period: spring/early summer

10 corms


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Weight 50 g

10 Knollen

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