Silk Ribbon Purple


These elegant silk ribbons are made of high quality natural silk. Feather-light ribbons of Habotai silk fit every bouquet, as well as individual gift wrapping. The ribbons are especially beautiful when you combine several ribbons in different colors. The hand-dyed silk ribbons are very popular for styled shoots.  The narrow ribbon also looks beautiful as a bow ribbon for high-quality stationery.

Because our ribbons are dyed exclusively with vegetable dyes, they have a muted pastel tone that  can be ideally combined with all flower colors. Numerous colour variations allow florists, photographers and decorators to realise a variety of creative ideas.   The final colour of the ribbons  depends on many  factors, e.g. water hardness, quality of raw materials and dyeing time.  Therefore, the finished shades of the different dyeings may vary slightly from each other. Each ribbon is dyed, torn or cut by hand with love and care, making it  a special accessory.

The bias cut ribbons are cut by hand. That’s why the ribbon width may have slight variation on the whole ribbon length (about 2-3mm).  Why are bias cut ribbons more suitable for bridal bouquet? Bias cut ribbons drape into beautiful waves. This decorative gathering and pleating of the ribbons  is always a particularly beautiful effect in a light wind and of course an eye-catcher.

The ribbons of the BOUQUET Collection can be perfectly combined. Especially beautiful look the combined ribbons of one shade but different saturation or brightness.

All ribbons are wound on a wooden spool and packed for  shipping  in a cardboard box or cloth bag.

Please wash the silk ribbons only cold by hand with a pH neutral detergent to preserve the delicate colors.

2m length, 4cm width

Delivery Time: 3-5 days

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Weight 56 g
Dimensions 13 × 2 × 2 cm

violett, dusty rose, elfenbein

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