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Here, we answer all questions that our customer service often receives. We hope you will find help here quickly! If not, feel free to send us an email with your question to studio@joradahl.de

About Jora Dahl

All information about Jora Dahl, the idea & philosophy behind the company can be found here.

Sustainability is a top priority at Jora Dahl. We do not use plastic for packaging and shipping, print on environmentally friendly paper with mineral oil-free inks and ship every order climate-neutrally. We buy our plants from renowned growers who also value sustainability. We also offer the first climate-positive growing soil in our online shop.

We are an online-only retailer and do not have our own stationary shop. However, we are pleased to say that more than 100 concept stores and nurseries across Europe sell our seed products. You can find a list of our retailers here.

All our sales and planting periods can be found here.


All seeds have different requirements and characteristics, so always follow the instructions on the label of the individual varieties. In general, it is advisable to start sowing indoors in March/April. Before then it is not very promising. You can find detailed instructions here.

Our seeds have a minimum shelf life of 3 years. So you don’t need to worry if you missed the sowing period this year. You can do it next year.

Growing indoors is preferable, as the young plants are protected here and flower earlier than if they are sown directly in the bed at a later date.

All our seeds have a germination capacity of more than 85%. We pay attention to this when purchasing. This germination capacity is guaranteed for three years. You can see how well our seeds germinate and grow on social media such as Instagram, not only from ourselves but also from countless customers. Maybe a mistake happened when sowing? You can find help here:

The 6 most common seed growing mistakes

Small guide to sowing and harvesting cut flowers

Cool Flowers – Sow and harvest hardy annuals

Of course, this depends on the plant as well as the planting distance and cannot be answered in general terms. However, you can plan on an average of about 7 to 12 plants per square meter. It is always important to observe the planting distance. This is indicated on the back of every seed bag.

The seed season begins in winter and ends in spring (April/May). The rule here is: what’s gone is gone. After the harvest, we fill up again in autumn. The varieties are then available again from winter onwards. As demand is growing strongly and steadily, we are ramping up production for the coming season to avoid supply bottlenecks and to be able to offer more seed bags. You are welcome to join the waiting list for the respective variety. Then you will be informed immediately when it is available again.

As we specialise in very particular seed varieties, we are mainly dealing with hybrid seeds, which means that you can collect the seeds, but they may not flower in the same colour the next year. If in doubt, I would recommend just trying it.

Our seeds are not certified organic seeds. We have specialised in special varieties that are often not produced in organic quality. However, if you fertilise the plant organically or garden organically in general, you still do good for the environment and insects!


We usually start selling perennials at the beginning of March and continue until about the end of November, with a summer break of 4 weeks

The best time of year to plant perennials is spring/early summer and autumn. In autumn, the above-ground parts of the plants are already fully developed and the roots have enough warmth to grow in the soil before frost sets in. In addition, the damp weather ensures that the perennials do not dry out after planting. However, if you water regularly, you can also plant out perennials in summer. Plants that are sensitive to frost should be planted in spring. Then they have enough time to grow. You can find more information about perennials here.

One perennial collection is sufficient for 1-2 sqm. If you buy several collections of one kind, it is best to plant the perennials in groups of the same varieties.

Even though all perennials are grown right here in Germany, only a few are native. However, they are accepted by most insects just like the native perennials.

The perennials are sent directly from our cooperative nursery as a parcel. Depending on how many perennials you order, they may have to be sent in several parcels. The plants are shipped when they are still small and are cut back from a certain height before shipping – otherwise it is more difficult to pack the plants and transport them safely, but above all this cultivation measure serves to strengthen the perennial. Please make sure to be able to accept the delivery. Otherwise it has to spend several days at the post office or packing station.

Don’t worry: the perennial will usually recover very well if you unpack it quickly, put it in a shady place and water it. It is not a problem if a few leaves of the perennials do not look so good anymore: You can easily cut off withered leaves and broken stems. The plant will sprout again after a few weeks. Pruning is actually good for perennials – then they will sprout stronger and healthier. This is because the strength lies in the well-developed root ball, which is the ‘power centre’ of the perennial.

Perennials, if available, are always added in the course of the season. We update our stocks regularly. It is therefore worthwhile to visit our shop from time to time. You can also add your name to the waiting list for a particular perennial on our website.

The perennials are shipped directly from our perennial nursery. As they are potted plants that have to be watered before shipping, the packages are very heavy. Depending on how many perennials you order, they may have to be sent in several parcels. Of course, we only ship in a climate-neutral way.

Simply cut off unhealthy looking leaves and broken stems. The plants will sprout again after a few weeks. Pruning is actually good for the perennials, as they sprout stronger and healthier as a result of the pruning. In summer our nursery even removes the leaves regularly before sending the plants out. The strength is in the root ball, which is the ‘power centre’ of the perennial.

Bulbs & Dalia Tubers

Tulips and daffodils will be back in the shop from late summer. Subscribe to the newsletter and we’ll keep you informed first!

Tulip and daffodil bulbs should ideally be planted between the end of September and January. Detailed instructions on how to plant and care for tulips can be found here.

With tulips it depends on the variety and the care. Daffodils are usually perennial. Please do not cut off the leaves directly, but let them dry out slowly and only then remove them. This is the only way the bulb can gather strength for flowering the following year.

Dahlias will be available again towards the end of January. Subscribe to the newsletter and we will always inform you first!

After drying, store the tubers in a cool, dark and dry place such as the cellar or under the stairwell, ideally in a cardboard box (layer by layer, separated by newspaper).

Please cut off broken tubers and put shrivelled tubers in water for a day before planting.

It is best to grow dahlias in a pot or planter, because slugs or voles often cause damage. The latter eat the tubers underground without you noticing. Other reasons could be a wrong location or waterlogging. Planting the dahlias upside down (with the “eyes” and shoots pointing downwards) will also prevent the plants from reaching the surface and sprouting.

It is advisable to grow the dahlias in pots, as slugs prefer the young leaves.

Digital Products

We offer products in digital form to download such as our perennial kit and modular planting plans. With these tools, you can quickly and easily plan beds at home, even without prior knowledge or long book studies. You will receive the plans or kit as a download link together with your confirmation of payment. You can print them out yourself and start planning great beds.

The perennial kit gives you the most important tools that even professionals use. With the planting plans, planning cards and tables, you can easily plan beautiful beds yourself. It includes detailed instructions with specific design examples, a planning table, planning paper, a shopping list, 168 beautiful planning cards of the most beautiful varieties and two ready-made modular planting plans with tables and care instructions.

Cut out the planning cards and choose the most beautiful combinations. With the planning table you can see whether your selection really makes sense, i.e. whether your bed will flower for a long time and if everything is harmonious. Planning paper and a shopping list make it easier for you to determine quantities. And if you don’t have time to plan at all, you also get two ready-made planting plans that can be scaled to almost any bed size.

Simply measure the desired bed size and plant perennials as indicated. The plan is scalable and suitable for almost any size. We limit ourselves to a few robust varieties, but they harmonise perfectly and look good for a long time thanks to rhythm and structure.

Our planning cards include 168 of the most beautiful perennial varieties and some blank cards for you to add your own plants. Using the cards you can easily create the most beautiful planting combinations. They are indispensable when planning perennial beds!

Please send us an email at studio@joradahl.de. Our customer service will take care of it.

Please send us an email at studio@joradahl.de. Our customer service will take care of it.

An exchange is not possible. Cancellations are only possible as long as the products have not yet been dispatched.

Customer Account

You can easily create a customer account here. All you have to do is enter a user name, your email address and a password.

With a personal customer account, you can view all your past orders, your vouchers, downloads, waiting lists etc. It also has the advantage that you don’t have to re-enter your data every time you place an order, as your data is stored in your account.

You can change your password in your personal customer account. Simply go to ‘Account details’.

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset and reassign it here.


For change and cancellation requests, please send us an email to studio@joradahl.de. We try to accommodate requests for order changes as best we can. However, in some cases this is no longer possible.

If your order is automatically cancelled by the system, this is usually due to a problem during the payment process. In this case, we would ask you to place the order again and possibly choose another payment method.

You will only receive the invoice by email. The order itself does not include an invoice, but only a delivery note. You can therefore send your order as a gift without any problems.

Please send us an email with photos to studio@joradahl.de. Our customer service will take care of it.

Please send us an email with photos to studio@joradahl.de. Our customer service will take care of it.

Please send us an email with photos to studio@joradahl.de.

Please note: Perennials are sent directly from the nursery. They are sent in a different package than the other items and you will receive a separate tracking number.

Both will not be shipped together. Seeds and garden accessories are sent directly from our warehouse, the perennials from our cooperation nursery from Hameln.


You can find all our payment methods here.

No, unfortunately we do not accept payments by invoice.

If you have problems with the payment, please send us an email to studio@joradahl.de. There can be many reasons why a payment is cancelled. You can also pay in advance to make sure we receive your order in any case.

Shipping & Delivery

Unfortunately, this is not possible. We are an online-only retailer and do not have a shop where you can pick up your order.

You can find a list of our shipping costs here.

The delivery time for seeds & garden essentials is usually 3-5 days. For perennials, the delivery time is approx. 3-10 days. Please note: Longer delivery times are sometimes possible for flower bulbs and dahlias. However, this is indicated with the respective product.

Yes, we deliver our products (except perennials) throughout Europe and, since last year, also to non-EU countries such as Switzerland.

As soon as your order has been handed over to DHL, you will receive an email with your tracking number. You can use this to track your delivery.

Yes, you have the option to specify a different delivery address. You can also do this during the ordering process.

In most cases, DHL will make a second delivery attempt. However, DHL also gives you the option of specifying a preferred delivery date or location. Especially when ordering perennials, it is very important to ensure delivery, as the plants should not stay in the parcel for too long.

If you have a request regarding your delivery, you can always send us an email to studio@joradahl. We will try to comply with your request. However, depending on the volume of orders, this may not always be possible.

You can track the whereabouts of your order via the tracking number that you will receive by email. If you have not received your tracking number, please send us an email at studio@joradahl and we will be happy to help you.

Please first check whether your order has been delivered to a neighbour or similar. If this is not the case, please contact us at studio@joradahl.de. We will then initiate a follow-up request with DHL.

We have been working with DHL as a shipping service provider for many years. We ship climate-neutral!

Gift Cards

Yes, we also offer gift cards. You can find all the information here.

You will receive a discount code by email, which you simply enter in the “Coupon code” field in the shopping cart and then click “Apply coupon”.

Please email us at studio@joradahl.de. Our customer service will take care of it.

Right of Returns

At the moment we do not offer free returns.

Please email us at studio@joradahl.de. Our customer service will take care of it.

Please make sure that you pack the items well when returning them. We can only accept returns if the products arrive in perfect condition.


Please use this link. Then you will get our retailer form by email. Please fill out the form and send it back to us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


If you would like to subscribe to our newsletter, you can do so here.

If you would like to unsubscribe from our newsletter, please send us an email to: studio@joradahl.de. Our customer service will take care of it.



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