The most beautiful Iris barbata varieties

The drought-tolerant tall bearded iris adds glamour to the garden

The tall bearded iris is the undisputed star in the iris family with its magnificent flowers in spectacular colours that depict the whole spectrum of a rainbow and often even appear tri-coloured. It also flowers at an important time: after the tulips have flowered, but before the annuals and perennials really get going, it fills the gap superbly. Personally, I can’t get enough of its unusual flower shape, which looks exotic and familiar at the same time, as it is a classic in the cottage garden.

But there is one feature that makes it a plant of the future: Unlike roses, dahlias or peonies, it is very drought-tolerant. And when it no longer even rains in Hamburg in the summer, we all know that we will have to adapt our gardens more to this change in the future. Planted in well-drained soil in a full-sun spot (its rhizome has to stick out of the ground a little to “fry” in the sun), the tall bearded iris feels most at home. I prefer to place them in groups of three in the foreground to fully enjoy their splendour.



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