Garden Hose Deluxe Set by Benson (black)

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Garden hose, shower and wall bracket – this set contains everything you need to water your garden. The new Swedish brand by Benson not only impresses with the high quality and outstanding functionality of its products, but also with its design. There is no more stylish way to water a garden!

And this is included:

Garden hose Deluxe Black: This 15 m or 25 m hose made of durable textile and natural latex expands with water and blends in beautifully with your garden. It is much lighter than ordinary garden hoses!

Shower: 10 programs ensure that every plant is optimally supplied with water. The sprayer also fits perfectly in the hand.

Hose holder: Matt metal gives this robust wall hanger its stylish look.

Packed in an elegant velvet bag.

One shower head, 10 different programs

  • Flat: Ideal for gentle watering of plants, shrubs and flowers
  • Shower: Perfect for washing dogs & co
  • Mist: Suitable for watering larger areas
  • Vertical: For quickly filling watering cans and buckets
  • 1/2 Vert: For watering lawns
  • Angle: Ideal for cleaning vehicles
  • Soaker: For rinsing out larger stains
  • Cone: For scattering and remote scattering
  • Rinse: For thorough washing
  • Center: Medium jet for precise washing

Care instructions Garden hose:

  • Dry in the shade after use and never leave dilated with water
  • Store indoors
  • Do not expose to prolonged sunlight
  • When using: Let the hose fill with water for a few seconds before turning it on.
  • Make sure that the rubber seal is in the connecting part.
  • Let the water run out of the hose after use.
  • Ready for use between 0 and 80°C
  • Optimum water pressure: 8 bar
  • Do not cut the water hose – no PVC hose!

Delivery Time: 3-5 days

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15 m, 25 m

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