Little Flower Gardener – Garden Tool Box


Children want to garden but the quality of most tools for children has not convinced me so far. They are rather toys that often break after a short time. So I went in search of things that last a long time, look beautiful and are in no way inferior to the tools of grown-ups.

This gift set contains a handpicked selection with which children are able to start gardening, not only right away but for years: The paper pot press assists to roll small pots for growing, and the shovel and scissors are sturdy and ideal for little flower gardeners. The gloves and watering can are from well-known manufactures and beautiful in color and shape. Small wooden labels for labeling. Of course, one of our seed packets may not be missing in this beautiful gift box.


1x gardening gloves for kids, 1x gardening shovel for kids,1x gardening scissors for kids, wooden labels, 1x HAWS kids watering can, 1x paper pot press, 1x Zinnia ‘Bernary’s Giant Salmon Rose’, 1x instructions

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Additional information

Weight 880 g
Dimensions 32 × 22 × 11 cm
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