KleePura Bio Fertiliser Sticks


These fertiliser sticks are intended for all indoor and outdoor potted plants and impress with their perfect dosage: simply insert the sticks around the plant in the pot according to the instructions and you’re done. They provide the essential nutrients for all plants: vigorous growth, healthy development and lush flowers are easy now!

If you are looking for a good organic fertiliser, you will come across the company KleePura – and for good reason: they produce the only organic fertiliser that has a certificate (Naturland). And that is important in times when almost everything calls itself “organic”.

Organic-certified KleePura fertiliser sticks for pot and house plants in a wire-frame jar

  • ideal for all pot and house plants
  • the wire-frame glass protects the fertiliser sticks from humidity and moisture
  • contains approx. 200 organic fertiliser sticks
  • organic-vegan from 100 % organic clover
  • incl. sticks

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Weight 650 g
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