KleePura Bio Fertiliser from white clover


If you are looking for a good organic fertiliser, you will come across the company KleePura – and for good reason: they produce the only organic fertiliser that has a certificate (Naturland). And that is important in times when almost everything is called “organic”.

Here you get a high-quality all-rounder with which you can fertilise your dahlias, perennials, annuals as well as shrubs and vegetables. Indispensable for organic-vegan gardening! It was developed by the HWT Dresden and has been successfully tested in professional farms for years. I have also been treating my plants with this fertiliser for a year now and am thrilled with the results.

  • Naturland-certified universal fertiliser (N – P – K 3.5 – 0.8 – 3.4)
  • purely vegetable from 100 % organic clover
  • no ingredients of conventional or animal origin
  • for organic vegetables, organic herbs, organic fruit and organic flowers
  • produced exclusively in Germany, no imported raw materials
  • awarded with the Saxon Environmental Prize 2017
  • Package contents: 1.75 kg, fertilisation instructions on the back

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Weight 2000 g
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