Niwaki Pro Lightweight Secateurs


The “Niwaki GR Pro Lightweight” is slightly smaller than regular secateurs. It is the perfect choice for those with smaller or weaker hands, as well those needing the precision that the slender blade provides. This secateur has a slender bypass blade that gets into places hitherto the preserve of the daintiest Pro Snips. I love them also for their sharp blades, the ergonomic non-slip vinyl grip handles and their comfortable, smooth spring action and the chunky lock clasp at the bottom. It is a luxury that every cut flower gardener should treat herself to!

About Niwaki: Inspired by the cultural artistry of Japan, the brand, founded in 2007, creates high quality, handmade garden shears, hedge trimmers, saws, knives, sickles, bags and other garden accessories in the old tradition, which more than live up to the slogan “Great Stuff from Japan”. Of course, they are also perfect for western gardens and plants.

  • Weight: 0,196 kg
  • Dimensions: total length: 190 mm, length of blade: 50 mm
  • Max cut: Ø10mm
  • Material: SC58C Carbon Steel

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Additional information

Weight 210 g
Dimensions 19 × 5 × 2 cm


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