Niwaki Hori Hori Trowel


The Japanese planter knife Hori Hori is THE all-round star in the garden. The carbon steel blade goes directly into the handle, making it very robust and strong. Excellent for planting bulbs, weeding and all kinds of gardening. The knife comes with a sturdy canvas pouch.

About Niwaki: Inspired by the cultural artistry of Japan, the brand, founded in 2007, creates high quality, handmade garden shears, hedge trimmers, saws, knives, sickles, bags and other garden accessories in the old tradition, which more than live up to the slogan “Great Stuff from Japan”. Of course, they are also perfect for western gardens and plants.


Carbon steel
Beech wood handles
Made in Miki, Japan


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Additional information

Weight 310 g
Dimensions 32 × 8 × 3 cm
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