Phlox amplifolia ‘David‘ (Large Leafed Phlox)


One of the most beautiful phlox varieties of all. Absolutely healthy, brilliant white flowers appear in an elegant form and build ever-growing clumps. Once established, the large-leaf phloxes cope much better with drought, heat and root pressure from woody plants and perennials than the summer phloxes (P. paniculata). Also perfect for pruning.

Flowering time: Jul-Sep
Height/spacing: 100cm/50cm
Habitat: sun, partial shade, normal to fresh soil
Notes: insect grazing, high mildew resistance

Plant in groups of 1-3.

Perennials are only shipped to Germany due to long delivery times!

Delivery Time: 5-10 days

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Weight 1 g

11cm pot/1 l

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