Sneeboer Maintenance Kit


If you love Sneeboer garden tools as much as I do, I recommend this valuable maintenance kit. Caring for garden tools increases their lifespan considerably. I used to neglect this and bought new ones more often. What a waste! Caring for them is even fun.

The kit comes in a luxurious box made of alder wood filled with only the best: a brush with brass wire bristles to remove heavy dirt and rust. The hand file is used to sharpen the edges of spades and shovels. Linseed oil is used to rub the wood and metal parts. This cares for the wood and protects the metal. The rag needed for this is included in the set.

The Dutch manufacturer Sneeboer belongs to the absolute top class in the production of garden tools. Anyone who has ever worked with a Sneeboer gadget knows what I am talking about. Hand-forged and incredibly durable, these tools make gardening a pure pleasure.

Caution: Danger of spontaneous combustion due to drying oil. It is therefore essential to keep rags etc. hermetically sealed, in a metal can or other fireproof container, or spread them out individually and allow them to dry thoroughly. Ensure adequate skin protection and air exchange during application. Keep the product out of the reach of children.

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Weight 1384 g
Dimensions 28 cm
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