A QUIck No-Dig-Bed for Your Cool Flowers!

Gardening in a jiffy and helping the soil

Sometimes, actually quite often, I have the problem that I fall in love with flowers and do not know where to put them in the garden. Then a quick free bed has to be found. There are beautiful new Cool Flowers online and there is an incredibly easy way to sow them directly in the garden right now!

At that time existing beds are usually full of plants and not a suitable place to sow seeds. For me, this kind of direct seeding works only at random. It is advisable to give them a few square meters in a new bed. But before I start to cut out sod and to laboriously dig through the soil with a fork and spade, I’d rather get some old cardboard boxes. “No-dig” is the magic word, I’m sure some of you have already heard. Gardening without digging up has a number of benefits -not just for your back! It also treats the very vibrant soil life with care, saves earthworms, and keeps moisture in the soil. Best of all, it’s a great way to stay weed-free.

No-Dig for avoiding weed

Unfortunately, we have terrible weeds in the garden such as goutweed, couch grass or field horsetail, against which you can not really do anything. With No-Dig-Beds I have made the experience to be able to keep these bugbears in check.

A whole philosophy and science has arisen on the subject – you can find countless options and instructions online. Here I recommend the simplest method to create a new bed. You only need two things:

-good compost

-uncoated cardboard boxes without tape etc.

And this is how it works:

Simply cut the cardboard boxes to your bed size and overlap them on the lawn or “old” bed area to create a closed area.

Then heap about 5-10 cm of compost on it, press a little tightly and sow the seeds. It is useful to keep the compost slightly moist at the beginning. And keep your fingers crossed that there will be no heavy rain. This would immediately wash away the seedlings. But this is always the risk with direct seeding. If that’s too uncertain for you, then it is advisable to pre-plant the Cool Flowers in a covered spot outside and put the young plants in the no-dig bed. This is a little more time consuming but definitely safer. Personally, I always like to go both ways at the same time.

The principle of No-Dig is simple: the soil life is not destroyed, but the cardboard works as a good barrier so that grasses and weeds can not grow up. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do against weeds flying in from above – you will always have to remove them by hand. In my experience, however, this problem is less prevalent in fall than in spring. That’s why direct seeding only works for Cool Flowers in late summer, in spring I definitely recommend growing indoors.

As soon as the seedlings sprout in your bed, you have to separate them. You pluck out the weaker ones and make sure that the correct spacing (indicated on the seed packet) is used. Then there should be enough time for the seeds to mature into beautiful plants that will flower the next year. The principle is similar to biennials, except that they are sown earlier in the year. For Cool Flowers, August and September are usually the best months to start.

All of our Cool Flowers are hardy, but there are regions or winter dips where a little protection can be useful. You can simply cover the young plants with fleece when the temperatures drop.

Even if the sowing of Cool Flowers is not so common in our country – the principle is actually a well-known one: The plants throw the seeds on fertile soil in late summer and the small seedlings must survive the winter to come to bloom the next year. Here a little help to get a dreamy (cut flowers) bed next year, actually can not be wrong. Try it, now is the best time and the best weather!

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