Gaura lindheimeri (Lindheimer’s Bee Blossom)


Long-flowering perennial, also known as Lindheimer’s beeblossom, which sways its white flower dress with pink shimmer in a fairy-like way, especially in the balmy wind. Its graceful appearance with bushy, upright growth is adorned with loosely overhanging flower clusters. It flowers tirelessly, especially in warm, full-sun, dry garden locations with well-drained, sandy or gravelly soil. The magnificent candle is also a wonderful perennial for balcony boxes.

Flowering time: Jul-Oct
Height/spacing: 100cm/50cm
Habitat: sun, dry well-drained soil
Notes: not reliably hardy – protect from winter dampness; in bouquets the buds will continue to unfold in water

Plant in groups of 3-10.

Perennials are only shipped to Germany due to long delivery times!

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